Marco Ghiani

Marco Ghiani

Hi, I'm Marco 🤓

Helping people learn coding by concrete examples.

As a Software Engineer and Instructor, I help people learn programming with real-world examples.

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Everyone has a passion.

Check out the technologies I've been playing around.

  • webpackWebpack
  • typescriptTypescript
  • tailwindcssTailwind CSS
  • storybookStorybook
  • reduxRedux JS
  • reactReact JS
  • npmNPM
  • next-jsNext JS
  • kibanaKibana
  • jiraJira
  • jenkinsJenkins
  • javaJava
  • graphqlGraphQL
  • gitGit
  • dockerDocker
  • cypressCypress
  • babelBabel JS
  • awsAmazon Web Services
  • cssCSS
  • d3D3 JS
  • figmaFigma
  • google-tag-managerGoogle Tag Manager
  • htmlHTML
  • javascriptJavaScript
  • jestJest JS
  • jqueryJquery
  • mongodbMongo DB
  • nodeNode JS
  • postgresqlPostgreSQL
  • realmRealm
  • sassSass
  • styled-componentsStyled Components
  • travis-ciTravis CI
  • vscVisual Studio Code

Hacking Your Learning Habits for Long-Term Growth

When it comes to learning, hacking your habits is crucial for long-term growth.

For me, it means constantly seeking out new methods, resources, and practices to enhance my skills.

It's about having a growth mindset, being passionate about what you do, and dedicating yourself to daily progress.

If you'd like to know more, don't miss out this podcast!